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What Exactly Is A DUI?

While drunken driving is one of the most common offenses in America, it is one of the most serious and most dangerous of all.

Everyone has likely wondered sometime what the difference between a DUI and a DWI, but there are a slew of other confusing acronyms that people might see when looking into a drunken driving charge or conviction. They range from type of drug used type of vehicle and severity of inebriation.

  • DWAI - driving while ability impaired
  • DWUI - driving while under the influence
  • DUIL - driving under the influence of liquor
  • OUI - operating under the influence
  • DUII - driving under the influence of intoxicants
  • OVI - operating a vehicle while intoxicated
  • OUIL - operating under the influence of liquor
  • OWI - operating while intoxicated, operating while impaired

What happens when someone gets a DUI or DWI?

The penalties for any of the acronyms above vary greatly from state to state.

A first DUI offense means strict penalties that include stiff fines, suspension of license and sometimes jail time. Typically a first DUI is considered a felony unless you can find a lawyer to argue on your behalf and have it filed as a misdemeanor. After that first DUI, however, it is unlikely that you will get an easy break on your second or other DUIs.

Some states will give a misdemeanor automatically if you had a low blood alcohol content or BAC.

Additional DUI Penalties

On top of the fines and the license suspension or possible jail time there are other stipulations for drivers who have been charged with a DUI or DWI.

These penalties can include drug and alcohol classes. Car equipment called ignition interlocks that force a driver to pass a breathalyzer test before their car will function. The charged driver will need to purchase high-risk SR22 insurance. Community service is typically given to offenders, especially first time offenders who don't receive jail time. Probation is given to most DUI offenders, making a second offense even worse.

Finding a good DUI lawyer is key in any DUI or DWI case, their expertise will go a long ways in sorting out what exactly the charged driver needs to do in their personal case.

Criminal DUI Records Search

Do you know your neighbors? Your coworkers? Your friends? It is not uncommon to live and work among strangers in today's world; but you don't have to. Why? Thanks to the Federal Information Act, all U.S. citizens have access to public criminal records. Below, we discuss just what the purpose of a criminal records search, why you need one, and the best tips for getting this criminal records search information.

Criminal records are record accounts of all activities to be processed through the criminal justice and law enforcement bureaus; so, a criminal records search is for these public records. Criminal background records are categorized by type and jurisdiction, and held at various jurisdictions to which they pertain, as subject to nature of crime, locale, and other relating factors. Directly related to this is the criminal records search.

A criminal records search for criminal background information can be done on any individual. Perhaps, you are concerned about a new neighbor, a teacher at your child's school, a friend, or a colleague. Whoever it is-you want to find out if they have been involved in a criminal activity, to protect yourself and your family from potential future harm. Consider that many sex offenders live unnoticed in family neighborhoods, while many will reoffend at some point after they have served time or penalty for their crime. They could live amongst you, and you don't even know it. Why don't you know? Many people don't realize two things: first, that it is their right to search for this public criminal record information; and second, that it is easy, convenient, and confidential to do.

How to Conduct a DUI Arrest Records Search

Though most people consider a search for this information as time-consuming, expensive, and fraught with error-that's just what it used to be. Today, it is a much more convenient, accurate, and hassle free process; such as the search process at eVerify. You simply type in a full name-and other identifying variables, if you have them-and a comprehensive, up to date, and accurate search is conducted to see if the person you are searching for has any criminal misdeed in their history.

This said, not all criminal background searches are the same. There are countless companies online offering criminal records search capabilities, but not all of these companies:

   1. Use government criminal justice and law enforcement record resources.
   2. Ensure their directories are up to date.
   3. Offer information that is complete on criminals.

So, while it may seem that all criminal records searches are the same, they certainly are not. The quality of the information is vital to the whole criminal records search process. If a company cannot offer that, what are they giving you? Suspicion without proof of all those you conduct searches on. With eVerify, the criminal background information found the individuals that you search is complete, verifiable, and up to date, resourced from a variety of government law and criminal justice resource entities.